Innovation Global Capital partners with exceptional entrepreneurs to build innovative global companies that change the world.

The Firm

We think like entrepreneurs
because we are entrepreneurs.

Innovation Global Capital partners with visionary entrepreneurs in the development of strategies, branding, organizations, and operations throughout the progressive stages of growth. Our focus is on long-term value creation, growth and profitability — not quarterly capitalism.

We have built businesses. We understand the critical role of product, merchandising, branding and digital, having consumer sector experience across three continents. We partner with leaders who are passionate about the customer.

In select circumstances, Innovation Global Capital will invest in innovative concepts and exciting partners that fulfill our investment criteria. We also have access to substantial pools of capital via relationships with high net worth families, institutional, and strategic investors for co-invest opportunities.

Our unique combination of executive experience and investment capital can significantly accelerate the growth of our partners.

Having met with hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide, a universally reoccurring theme emerged. Most entrepreneurs are looking for trusted partners with executive management experience, yet paradoxically much investment capital comes from financiers with limited real world experience. Innovation Global Capital was founded to fill this void.

We have experienced the unabashed joys of entrepreneurial success, and the unique challenges of creating and building brands. We support the visionary passion of the entrepreneur yet understand the practical operational realities. We guide the critical path to market leadership.

We are entrepreneurs.

Investment Strategy

Innovation targets investment opportunities at the
 intersection of the digital and real worlds. We favor
 concepts with global potential.


Growth opportunities in the apparel, accessories, fashion and footwear sectors, especially consumer focused concepts that utilize digital & social commerce.


Natural beauty and skin care brands that possess a strong emotional connection with customers, clean labels and concern for the environment.

healthy food and beverage
Healthy Food & Beverage

Emerging natural food and
 beverage brands to address
 the global need for healthy
 lifestyle alternatives.

enterprise saas
Enterprise Saas

Enterprise software, including Big Data and AI, that powers and facilitates consumer, retail, and customer focused businesses.

consumer technology
Consumer Technology

Harnessing the rapid growth in ubiquitous technology and mobility to create innovative digital services, applications, communities and distribution models that directly empower and engage consumers worldwide.


The companies of the future must successfully navigate the merging of the physical and digital domains, guided by those with experience in both.

Growth Strategy
Global Expansion
Digital Strategy
Brand Development
Marketing & Communications
Consumer Insight
Management & Organization
Strategic Alliances
& Partnerships
Retail Strategy

Our Companies

We invest in compelling consumer concepts with global potential, as well as global technology companies that empower consumers and consumer enterprises.

Entrepreneurship is built upon faith and passion. The entrepreneur will face naysayers along the journey. Yet the successful entrepreneur sees through the fog of uncertainty to create the future.