Current Portfolio

With decades of experience investing over $1 Billion in consumer and consumer technology companies, Innovation’s leadership team is uniquely positioned to guide our companies through disruptive growth at a global scale.

Marine Layer

The softest California inspired apparel you will find for women and men.


An eco-conscious shoe brand for women known for its extremely comfortable fit made from recycled PET water bottles.

Buck Mason

Simple and timeless apparel for the modern American man.

Kjaer Weis

Luxury organic makeup made from pure and natural ingredients that blend health and beauty in equal parts.

Alchemy 43

High-end beauty clinics that deliver the highest quality cosmetic injectable treatments.


Choosy is a fast-fashion brand that designs and manufactures clothing to meet the hottest trends using AI machine learning to predict and target consumer intent.


A leader in AI chat application technology, GameOn infuses each chatbot with a personality tailored to the sports fan, ensuring an engaging, personalized experience.


Enterprise SaaS solution for retailers connecting online customers to sales associates on the shop floor.


Contemporary runway-inspired antimicrobial medical apparel for women.


Ergonomically designed, washable, and customizable shoes in an endless array of color schemes that let kids and adults PLAE in fashionable comfort.

Multi-platform technology that allows users to scan thousands of retailers for the best price in a seamless online shopping experience.


Prodigy offers a seamless SaaS solution for auto dealerships bringing the convenience of eCommerce to the $1.1 trillion dollar car sales industry.

Raw Green Organics

Inspiring healthy living by providing the best in organic superfoods, smoothies and supplements.


Company offering enterprise SaaS solutions to the consignment boutique industry. Snobswap also operates the online marketplace Le Prix offering new and used luxury brands from the top US consignment boutiques. |


Try clothes from your favorite online stores with just the click of a button.